Dialogue With Ryan on Flat Earth, Prophecy, and Economics


One thought on “Dialogue With Ryan on Flat Earth, Prophecy, and Economics”

  1. Excellent dialogue with this guy, for the most part. Not a bible believer though, but trying hard. Our stuff is over his head. Flat earth is key in leveling the playing field and then pivoting to the natural family and Mosaic Law. Glaringly absent with this guy is any mention of feminism, the worst tyranny is history. How the hell can he miss it if he is a male living in the present age? It’s right in front of him! With its general libertarian (Jesuit) base, feminism in particular has single-handed(ly) been responsible for the DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY and white genocide, having killed more (white) people than any other satanic ideology in history – abortion, divorce, sexually transmitted disease, sodomy and general sexual immorality, single motherhood, sterility, insanity, unsupervised latch key children (little devils – Dabney), gender confusion, trans-genderism, weakened military and seething hatred and lack of cooperation between the sexes. The best way to weaken a military is to put women in it, like the U.S does. Idiots!

    Mr. Austrian School economics, Gary North, skips right over it also – the natural family being the most fundamental economic unit. Like this guy you have here, according to him everything is solved by Capitalist/communist Economics and technology. Bullshit! Everything is solved by biblical obedience, starting with Patriarchy – the very foundation to the human race. EVERYTHING IN EVERY SOCIETY IS BUILT ON PATRIARCHY, especially the basic economic unit of the natural family. I told Gary (knucklehead) North and Gary (Mr. Preterist) DeMar this directly to their faces with women onlookers. They had no response. Cowards. Afraid they will lose their jobs and vagina.

    THE NATURAL FAMILY (husband, wife, children) is YAHWEH’S SECRET WEAPON AGAINST ALL EVIL, including (Jesuit) internationalism and cosmopolitanism. (See Genesis). It should be a primary weapon in the ministry arsenal once the flat earth cosmology is established in the minds of those evangelized, followed by the Mosaic law. What else are we fighting to save? I thought all of this warfare we are engaged in was to save our families and re-establish healthy (bible ordained) sexual relations with the opposite sex in marriage. Patriarchy HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE ESTABLISHMENT OF FATHERHOOD. Feminism is hell bent on the destruction of the natural family and fatherhood, which is the most basic and fundamental survivalist and socio-economic welfare (and military) unit. Without it, we are in chaos and a ship without a rudder. Slaves!!!!! Where is fatherhood and natural family in all the talk of nationhood and ECONOMICS and defense and civil magistrates with these clowns!

    Right now, the flat earth is the focus, but if these guys want to talk economics they must be prepared to acknowledge that the natural family (biblical patriarchy) is the foundation of any government (even pagan ones). It is what government is designed to protect (or destroy) for any given race/people group. That’s why sane governments reinforce patriarchy laws – for self preservation! EVEN THE VERY WORST TYRANTS IN HISTORY (Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Hitler, Stalin) WERE NATIONALISTS AND DID NOT DESTROY THE NATURAL FAMILY AS (Jesuit) FEMINISM HAS. They all wanted healthy baby boys to grow and defend their nation. Discussions about godly (and even pagan) culture without mention of (Jesuit) feminism and patriarchy are USELESS. The natural family MUST TAKE CENTER STAGE in any discussion of economics, subordinate to FLAT EARTH cosmology. These are the basics!

    Creation of (flat) earth and the firmament, followed by creation of Man/woman – with a hierarchical/patriarchical structure is good for us. Anything else brings condemnation and destruction. Man is the glory of Yahweh on earth. Man is Yahweh’s representative on earth, not woman. Man is created in the image of Yahweh, not woman. There is no equality of opportunity or enfranchisement. This guy does not have a basic understanding of economics. The flat earth cosmology (reality) can level the playing field for everyone, then we move forward from there.


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