Flat Earth Dialogue With Cornerstone Church Johnson City, Tn


5 thoughts on “Flat Earth Dialogue With Cornerstone Church Johnson City, Tn”

  1. Excellent approach. Excellent sales pitch with some reverse psychology about kids leaving atheism in favor of internet research documentaries and/or the Bible. That’s music to any Baptist’s ears. Very well done. Very polished. Carry a professional business card with you AT ALL TIMES as part of your daily dress and preparation for the day. Even in the grocery store or while fishing. LUCK IS WHEN PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY. A business card (in our society) is ALWAYS the mark of a prepared professional committed to his profession at every opportunity, and the mark of a man with nothing to hide. It disarms people and improves their perception of you. You could have given him a card to give to “the other guy”. Yahweh will bring along many unseen and unplanned opportunities to those who are prepared and take action. Yahweh looks for men of action and opens doors for them. Be prepared. Seize the opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. That’s how He operates.


    1. My problem is I do have something to hide. 3 big groups of people want to kill me. The Neo-Nazis, the Communists and the Libertarian Anarchist boys, I get regular death threats from. Plus I had a business card but it simply led people to the Southern Israelite platform. This generation is not ready for all that. I am having to skim down my platform just to flat earth right now.


      1. Reinforces my position that deception properly dispensed is a necessary evil at times and also reinforces my position that the flat earth is the best angle; common ground with all groups.


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