Flat Earth Dialogue With First Christian Church Johnson City, Tn


One thought on “Flat Earth Dialogue With First Christian Church Johnson City, Tn”

  1. This guy has the ability (i.Q level) to comprehend what you’re saying and he will probably look into this. I think you sparked his interest and he was reasonably fair and cordial with you, never belligerent or condescending like some of the other puffed up with pride pork eating fat-ass Baptist Billy-Bobs you encountered recently. He reached for what he knew, which was to spin things into his comfort zone of Soteriology (which is not what we came to talk about) and all of the ethereal, nonsensical, and abstract Neo-Platonic nonsense, (better know as Christian anti-Intellectualism) instead of embracing the obvious physical reality and contradiction between the biblical Creationist cosmology and the direct opposite NASA non-Creationist propaganda (better known as lies).

    The problem with his “reconciliation” of contradictory positions between the bible and NASA, is the natural Law of Non-Contradiction, which basically states that two opposites cannot both be true at the same time. This is Seminary Christian Philosophy teaching 101. They tell you this the first week you arrive at Seminary.

    The validity of a biblical flat motionless earth CANNOT be true at the same time as the NASA round spinning (at 1,000 mph within a 64,000 mph orbit!) ball earth hoax. One or the both could be false, but they cannot both be true at the same time. SOMEBODY’s LYING. We’re just asking that these good church people help us in making that determination since they understand the bible so well. Or so they claim that the bible is inerrant and literally true. The bible CANNOT be inerrant and full of possible mistakes (this guy alluded as possible) at the same time. One mistake means it is unreliable and is NOT the inerrant Word of God the claim it to be. You cannot have it both ways, nor can you have a flat motionless earth (Torah Jewish biblical cosmology) and a round spinning earth (NASA occult pagan Nazi Greek Neo-Platonism) at the same time. The two are polar opposites, at war with each-other, in every regard.

    Choose which one will be your Master. Good job.


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