Flat Earth Tract


I have created a Flat Earth Tract exposing NASA’s lies and fraud as an introduction to the Flat Earth Theme for the common man. Use it as a lethal weapon. More on the way. Click the link below.


Suggestions for any revisions are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Tract”

  1. Excellent. I like it. The introduction and flow (presentation of the controversy) is excellent psychology and neutral. This does not come across as bible thumping. That’s a good thing. Mission accomplished. Now, to the next phase: final edit and marketing/distribution and sales. You may make some good money on this if you handle it right. I would get this IMMEDIATELY (free of charge en masse) to all para-church ministries and other tract producers.

    1.) Typo in 5th paragraph, intuition should be institution.

    2.) To draw the tract reader of below average or average intelligence (such as the Neo-Nazis or your average Johnson City Baptist)), I would emphasize the ability for Joe six pack gluttonous pork eating JC Baptists to test/prove that the earth is A.) observably MOTIONLESS (not spinning) and B.) FLAT to the naked eye and C.) that even an untrained individual of average intelligence can conduct a few simple experiments to prove the earth is flat and motionless.

    a.) – such as reasonably inexpensive high-power lens observation of aquatic sports or sea going vessels on a large lake or from the ocean seashore not disappearing over a fictitious curved horizon. For convenience and economy, many seashore piers in the U.S have stationary high powered binocular type telescopes fixed to the pier for any individual to rent (usually for 25 cents) and observe the sailing and propulsion ships, which never disappear over a curved horizon. Many State Park mountain tops and tall buildings such as the Empire State Building, offer the same small “Observatory” capability.

    b.) – If nothing else, the average man can test and observe that water and fluids ALWAYS flow naturally and collect at the nearest and lowest naturally flat surface or reservoir (such as a puddle of spilled milk on the counter flowing and dripping onto on the kitchen floor, or perhaps rain puddles on streets or sidewalks or flooding in any area’s topographical lowlands after a downpour (which the U.S FEMA sells flood insurance protection for) ; or perhaps even observe water levels rise and fall at a nearby underground well or livestock pond, or any size lake. In any and all natural circumstances it is physically impossible (and has never been observed in documented history) for water or fluid to cling to any sphere – such as a basketball, a baseball, a football, a bowling ball, a cannon ball, or a round ball globe earth.

    c.) By their own admission, NASA photo technologists have NEVER been able to provide a comprehensive and untainted full view exposure of a round spinning sphere earth (to this very day). It is impossible anyway for any camera to freeze anything spinning at 1,000 mph. The technology doesn’t exist. Nor does the spinning ball earth! They hope you don’t notice or question them of the criminal fraud and treason involved in the theft of billions of your hard earned dollars (they use against you), not to mention the incalculable damage done to your hard won civilization.

    3.) A civilian experiment to prove the earth is not spinning is to toss a ball or fire a cannon ball straight up in the air. No matter how high it goes, the ball will come back down almost exactly where it was launched. The earth does not spin away from underneath the airborne projectile.

    4.) Also to prove the earth is not spinning, observe a rescue helicopter hovering over and lifting a stranded person out of water. The earth and its body of water (like the ocean) do NOT spin out from underneath the helicopter. The helicopter is essentially motionless (hovering), as well as the water and the stranded person below. It’s the earth’s LACK OF MOTION which makes the rescue possible.

    5.) Tell the reader of the tract to run one of the simple experiments and then consult with you or local Bible experts in their area and see if they can get a satisfactory explanation of the obvious contradictions. Let the curious and inquiring tract readers take the hits from the lazy and lying and apathetic and delusional asleep-at-the wheel libertarian feminist church folks, instead of you.

    This is going to be hilarious and perhaps even lucrative. I like this business model.


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