Thomas Winship, The Bible’s Flat Earth Revelation

“I have to repeat, again and again, that the Scriptures
and nature are connected, as will appear to any impartial
inquirer; those who will not take the pains to study them
both, will remain fools, whether I say so or not. The not
attending to this connexion has been the cause of that
contempt with which the Scripture has been treated.
Suppose we view the dial plate of a watch, we see the hand
point to the hour, by a mechanism to us invisible; but we
find a book wherein the inward structure of the watch or
clock is described ; we are at a loss whether to believe it or
not ; we know not whether it be true or false. How then
shall we prove its truth ! By taking the machine to pieces,
and examining its works ; if the book and the machine
exactly agree, and the former be an accurate description of
the latter, the inference must be, that either the maker of
the machine wrote the book, or revealed the mechanism
of it to him who did. This is absolutely the case between
the Bible and nature. And if this examination were firmly,
and candidly, and intelligently carried through, the numbers
of our foolish philosophers would soon be diminished, and
their specious system utterly confounded. Moses and the
Prophets never revealed the proper frame of a mouse -trap
or the size of a bird cage, because they knew the star gazers
would not heed such trifles, nor find any credit in
constructing such things. But Moses and the Prophets did,
by the inspiration and dictation of God, reveal to mankind
the framework and mechanism of nature, which must have
remained for ever inscrutable, but for such direct revelation ;
and which mode and plan of creation, when thus made
known, appears true upon the highest demonstration the
rational mind can demand !”

Zetetic Cosmogony


2 thoughts on “Thomas Winship, The Bible’s Flat Earth Revelation”

  1. Listen I am not an educated man,, I wonder if we could have a communication without you going off attacking me or treating me like I am a worthless moron?Really I am sincere about listening to you and your thoughts and have no desire to argue or disagree or correct you in any way.


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