Flat Earth History of Science Chapter 3: Astrology Part 4: Argo Navis is Noah’s Ark and Jason/Osiris is Noah


I. Hyginus maintains that the Argo was the first boat:

Astronomica II.37 ARGO,

“Some have said this ship was called Argo in Greek on account of her speed, others because Argus was her inventor. Many have said she was the first ship on the sea, and for this reason especially was pictured in the stars.”


II. Plutarch maintains that the Argo theme was not exclusive to the Greeks but known to the Egyptians as well:

Isis and Osiris, Section 22,

“The Egyptians, in fact, have a tradition that Hermes had thin arms and big elbows, that Typhon was red in complexion, Horus white, and Osiris dark,108 as if they had been in their nature but mortal men. Moreover, they give to Osiris the title of general, and the title of pilot to Canopus, from whom they say that the star derives its name; also that the vessel which the Greeks call Argo, in form like the ship of Osiris, has been set among the constellations in his honour, and its course lies not far from that of Orion and the Dog-star; of these the Egyptians believe that one is sacred to Horus and the other to Isis.”


III. The Argo was also known in Hindu Mythology:

The Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia Volume 1 (1871) edited by Edward Balfour, pg. 177,








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