Capitalism, Not the Cause of America’s Wealth

First, slavery is not Capitalist. Quite a bit of America’s success is due to slavery.

Second, the Civil War was not Capitalist. The North was being out competed by the Southern Plantations (Fogel, Time on the Cross) and so it had a butt hurt childish tantrum, overturned the playing table, imported millions of Irish peasants to invade , rape, pillage and murder their competition. They didn’t give a damn about black people and we know it. And this also showed they don’t believe in private property(Slaves Were Private Property). And they don’t believe in subjective value. They believe that slavery is objectively invaluable.

Third, after the Civil War America wasn’t Capitalist either. Instead of earning its keep by work and the sweat of its brow, it stole money from the Southern States through pensions. (Prof. Prescott Webb, Divided We Stand).

Fourth, during Reconstruction America again forbid a free market and competition by using patent laws to keep Southerners from building their own factories. (Ibid.)

Fifth, the military Industrial Complex which has kept America’s dollar solvent for decades in the middle East, was created by Government Forced Taxation.

Sixth, the G.I. Bill.



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