Biblical MGTOW Philosophy

Obj. Doesn’t the Bible say you should get married?

Ans. Yes, but the legal system of this country has destroyed everything the Bible means by marriage and family. The Laws of the Bible are for Man, not Man for the Laws.

Mark 2:27 And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:

Thus, my advice to men is to find a woman who is your race, who doesn’t have any diseases and will bear you children. DON’T MARRY THEM! The contract isn’t anything what the Bible says. It isn’t a Biblical marriage contract anyway. That contract is your subjugation.

What the Christians are doing by asking this is an attempt to trap the men of this country in their ascetic moral paradigm so that they are faced with one of two options:

1. Get married to one of the Feminists in the Church and submit to her. This is what the Pastor has done and anyone who tries to accuse him of avoiding what the Bible says will be ostracized and humiliated. They will accuse him of disobeying the commands to get married as a distraction away from what the Bible says the role of women is.  They will also use insults mocking the faithful man that he gets no sex and other insults about him masturbating will often be used. This is the primary choice the modern Christian man has made and he does so upon pain of social ostracism and the Pastor goes along with it because if he doesn’t he will lose his job and his wife will forsake him as a misogynist.

2. Refuse to get married and be forced to live alone and faced with endless years of alcoholism, despair and ultimately suicide.

This platform is meant to create a third option as an alternative to oppression and suicide.

Obj. Doesn’t the Bible say that you are not supposed to be yolked to an unbeliever, 2 Cor. 6:14?

Ans. Yes, but all the women in America are unbelievers and are in status hostile to us. Thus, we are making exceptions in a time of war just as Moses made exceptions for the Israelites in a time of War.

John Calvin, Deut. 21:

“10.When thou goest forth to war. The same thing is now commanded respecting wives as above respecting meats. As regarded the Canaanites, who were destined and devoted to destruction, we have seen that the Israelites were prohibited from taking their women to wife, lest this connection should be an enticement to sin; but Moses now goes further, viz., that the Israelites, having obtained a victory over other nations, should not marry any of the captive women, unless purified by a solemn rite. This, then, is the sum, that the Israelites should not defile themselves by profane marriages, but in this point also should keep themselves pure and uncorrupt, because they were separated from other people, to be the peculiar people of God. It was better, indeed, that they should altogether abstain from such marriages; yet it was difficult so to restrain their lust as that they should not decline from chastity in the least, degree; and hence we learn how much license conquerors allow themselves in war, so that there is no room for perfect purity in them. Wherefore God so tempers His indulgence as that the Israelites, remembering the adoption wherewith He had honored them, should not disgrace themselves, but in the very fervor of their lust should retain some religious affection. But the question here is not of unlawful ravishment, but Moses only speaks of women who have been made captives by the right of war, for we know that conquerors have abused them with impunity, because they had them under their power and dominion. But since many are led astray by the blandishments of their wives, God applies a remedy, viz., that the abjuration of their former life should precede their marriage; and that none should be allowed to marry a foreign wife until she shall have first renounced her own nation. To this refers the ceremony, that the woman should shave her head, and cut her nails, and change her garments, and lament her father and her family for an entire month, viz., that she may renounce her former life, and pass over to another people. Some of the rabbins twist the words to a different meaning, as if God would extinguish love in the minds of the husbands by disfiguring the women; for the shaving of the head greatly detracts from female beauty and elegance; and “to make the nails,” for so the words literally mean, they understand as to let them grow; and the prolongation of the nails has a disgusting appearance. But their gloss is refuted by the context, in which she is commanded to put off the raiment of her captivity.: But I have no doubt but that their month of mourning, their shaven head, and the other signs, are intended by God for their renewal, so that they may accustom themselves to different habits. And with the same object they are commanded to bewail their parents as if dead, that they may bid farewell to their own people. To this the Prophet seems to allude in Psalms 45:10, when he says, “Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house;” for he intimates that otherwise the marriage of a foreign woman with Solomon would not be pure and legitimate, unless she should relinquish her superstitions, and devote herself to God’s service. Nor was it needless that God should require the Israelites diligently to beware lest they should take wives as yet aliens from the study of true religion, since experience most abundantly shows how fatal a snare it is. But although we are not now bound to this observance, yet the rule still holds good that men should not rashly ally themselves with women still devoted to wicked superstitions. (51)”

I would ask, in the same way, is it not incumbent upon me to apply such laws to the warfare of this society and to instruct the men to engage in sexual relations with  women, who in normal conditions would not be married, in order for the men to have children and some kind of future lest they fall into despair, depression, Atheism and suicidal behavior?

Obj. So should we cohabit with these women but just not sign a marriage contract?

Ans. No cohabitation. Have your own place, and she have her’s, especially if she has a child from another man!

Cohabitation is a legal status in America called “Domestic Partnership.” (link1, link2) Cohabitation is considered legal marriage in British Columbia. (link) And remember, the decisions you are making are not confined to this moment or this year. You will have to live with any developments in law that come in the future. Seeing the liberal hegemony, I would take no risks whatsoever men. In the video in British Columbia, cohabiting couples woke up one morning to find out they are now legally married! Moreover, you must do everything you can to avoid any child support payments from her child’s association with you(Assuming she is a single mother).  There are many cases where men have been found liable for child support even if they are not the biological Father. (link1, link2 link3) The last last link presented an issue horrifying to any thinking man. The modern law system can harness you with child support if it is in the “best interest” of the child.(link) Every house has an economy and a head, and men, these women have been trained from childhood to be that head and to subjugate you. For these reasons, I must stand again on the two house rule I have espoused for years. You cannot decide this simply on her individual merits. I don’t care if she’s a virgin with perfect DNA and tells you everything you want to hear about her willingness to cooperate with your beliefs; her status as an individual sovereign is eo ipso and ipso facto hostility to you.

 Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Her actions as a fornicating young woman were done in direct defiance to your prerogative as the image of Elohim and head of the household.   Her promiscuity debilitated her from the loyalty and commitment required to maintain a stable family. She robbed you of your property, namely her sex, and gave your property away to other men who hate you. Hell, if you have a child with her it will not be all yours.(link) Her choice to have a career was done in direct rejection of Biblical motherhood and thus by extension your role as Father. In replacement for the family institution established by Elohim and by nature is the U.S. Government and its Department of Education which you now have no choice but to send your child to. This Government which has done everything it can through invasion, murder, pillage and rapine to completely destroy everything you believe in. This is the patriarch she sends her child to everyday to be raised.

Now, she is going to have a psychological handler. Usually it is her bitter mother. It may be someone else like a therapist or some head doctor.

Either way you can proceed down this line I think with some effectiveness.

As soon as her parents start complaining that you need to bring her into your house and  provide for her you throw that bastard child in their face and shove these issues down their throat emphasizing their complete failure as parents until they are horrified to ever bring the issue up again.

Every single time her parents come around you immediately seize the narrative before they can open their mouths and demand in the most manipulative and subtle ways you can that they answer these questions:

1. So what were you doing when the Kinsey Institute was hiring men to torture and rape young children and creating an abortion institution that has murdered and tortured to death 56 million children in the name of women’s equality and liberation?

2. So did you folks know that these images of the Earth are photo-shopped? How do you understand annual parallax?

3. Hey, doesn’t your Church teach that there are three gods? So why is it you guys forego doing the laws in the Bible? Why do you worship on Sundays again?

4. So when did your daughter start having sex? How did you allow her to fail at the most important task of her life?

5. Have you folks ever heard of microchimerism?

6. So did you folks know that Ayn Rand was the inspiration behind the Church of Satan?

7. Hey did you folks know that Liberals, Atheists and Communists killed over 120 million people last century?

8. So you guys don’t really know what you believe about much of anything. So how can you tell me how to raise my family?

And men you have to be ruthlessly subtle with this. The entire conversation should be couched in the context that they have everything to prove and you have nothing to prove. They have the enfranchisement, and they have the publicly funded institutions. They have the burden of proof.

Obj. This sounds like what you are suggesting is fornication?

Ans. First, no one who supports the current system can dare accuse anyone of promiscuity or degeneracy. Second, I could use the exact same argument about your view of marriage. The definition of marriage that you have is not what the Bible says and you know it. The roles are completely different.

I am suggesting that men go out like normal people and find someone of their race, that doesn’t have a disease and that wants to have children. Then, make a verbal agreement of basic commitment.

If the woman doesn’t  get pregnant according to the time frame you need, say a year, then break it off and look for someone else. If she gets pregnant, make sure to get a DNA test to verify the child is yours, make sure you teach them the Scriptures, discipline them, teach them what happened here and expose the lies they are being taught at school, but spoil the shit out of those kids. They are your purpose and the future of this country. You’ve done your part. Mission accomplished!

Obj. How am I going to be able to make this work if the woman knows I have this attitude? 

Ans. You are going to have to be subtle, ambiguous and deceitful just like Yahovah told Samuel to be against a traitor in 1 Samuel 16. You are going to have to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

When she presses you on the marriage issue you bring up all her past sex partners. You bring up her Career. You bring up her bastard child. You confirm for her that she doesn’t believe in marriage. Again, all the onus is going on them while you shroud your own beliefs as ruthlessly as possible. Do everything you can to make all the activities of the family as surface level, and jolly as possible with as little serious talk as possible.

Make sure you get really good at sex. Read all the techniques and have her addicted to the D.

Do everything you can to trap her and keep her under your thumb as possible without her knowing you’re doing it.

Make sure she feels comfortable telling you all her secrets and make sure you plan on how to use them against her.

Make sure you take note of every contribution you have made to the kids and the relationship and do everything you can to minimize her contributions. When its family night make sure to pay and make it well known to the family who paid. Other than that don’t spend a dime on her(Extreme exceptions) and make sure she’s aware of her responsibilities that come with her status. No joint accounts. Her problems are her problems.  When she tells you she wanted a man to provide for her you tell her you wanted a virgin.

Make sure she knows all the women you have to beat off with a stick. She holds a privileged place and she better appreciate it.

Reward good behavior and punish disobedience.

It is a war with these women and you’re going to have to do what you have to get a future for yourself. I can tell you from my own experience men, Miss Right isn’t out there. I have been celibate for 16 1/2 years waiting for even a decent woman.  It didn’t happen. I’m here to tell you, it’s only  a matter of time before it hits you and you will turn to suicide or some kind of substance abuse. You’re just a man dude and you better take my advice like it’s coming from the Grim Reaper.


Moderate use of alcohol and tobacco is fine but don’t you reach for that stuff every night. It will kill you and it won’t be in a blaze of glory. It will be a long miserable nightmare that may take a couple years to kill you where you fear day to day whether you are going to be able to breath or even walk and it will absorb all the work you’ve done your entire life.  I was young, I worked out frequently, I looked like an athlete, and it happened to me.


Be afraid dude. Be very afraid. 

You are going to have to make compromises that don’t feel good. But I’ll tell you what is worse: Going home to yourself every night with only a bottle of liquor waiting for you. At least if you have some kids you will have something to live for.

Don’t you let these liars in the modern Church manipulate you. They have destroyed this country and they sure as hell don’t believe anything in that Bible.

Remember, the Creator gave the Laws for your benefit not you for the Law’s benefit.

Southern Israelite Signing Off





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