Differences Between Catholicism and Protestantism



Knowledge comes directly from Scripture pursuant to the doctrine of Private Judgment.


Knowledge comes from the chain of being pursuant to the doctrine of the Celestial and Angelic hierarchies.




Reality is physical and good per se as physical and is as it generally appears from our senses.


Physical Reality is a malicious illusion in which our souls are trapped, but through the ascetic disciplines of the church we may be liberated from it.




Sin is any want of conformity or transgression of the law of Elohim.


Sin is attachment to the physical reality.




Since physical reality is good, the caste/distinctions in physical reality should be acknowledged and established in law.


Since physical reality is a malicious imposition upon the pure soul the caste/distinctions in physical reality should not be acknowledged and established in law, but society should establish equality among its citizens as at the level of soul we are all the same divine spark.

The Local Honeys – Cigarette Trees

I went to see this group last night at a local Bluegrass Theater. They were incredible! Here in this song my tribeswomen tell the story of our people and their exploitation by Yankee Capitalism and the way the Yankees have pillaged the Appalachian Mountains and exploited the bodies of our people and cast them aside like a used coke can after they were finished profiting from our lands and our broken bodies.

Who is Sebastian Gorka and Why is the Left Hiding the Catholic Syndicate?

All over left wing media, the focus on the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist aspect of the Alt-right is top priority. As I have shown the connecting thread throughout this movement is the Crimson and Black of the unholy Roman Religion. And yet again we are faced with this man Sebastian Gorka, a favorite target of the left:

Gorka is of Hungarian stock. He was raised Roman Catholic at St Benedict’s, a Roman Catholic school and Jesuit trained at Heythrop College (link) University of London. He has also served as Professor of US National Security for Jesuit Georgetown University.





He is currently deputy assistant to President Trump. At this point I’m seriously beating a dead horse here folks with the mountain of evidence that I have given concerning the Jesuit Roman Catholic takeover of this country. But just for fun, let’s also delve into his family, primarily his father:

“Paul v. Gorka was born in 1930 and witnessed the Red Army’s siege of Budapest during the Second World War.  After 1948, as a student of architecture, he organised the Catholic Resistance Movement, eventually in conjunction with the British Intelligence Services.  He was arrested, tortured, given a life sentence, and imprisoned from 1950 to 1956.  He was freed during the Hungarian and after opposing the Soviet invasion he escaped to the West.  He received the Order of Knighthood of Vitez for his bravery during the Resistance.”


Sebastian Gorka has picked up right where his Father left off:

“Gorka, who pledged his loyalty to the United States when he took American citizenship in 2012, is himself a sworn member of the Vitézi Rend, according to both Gyula Soltész — a high-ranking member of the Vitézi Rend’s central apparatus — and Kornél Pintér — a leader of the Vitézi Rend in Western Hungary who befriended Gorka’s father through their activities in the Vitézi Rend.

Soltész, who holds a national-level leadership position at the Vitézi Rend, confirmed to the Forward in a phone conversation that Gorka is a full member of the organization.

“Of course he was sworn in,” Pintér said, in a phone interview. “I met with him in Sopron [a city near Hungary’s border with Austria]. His father introduced him.”

“In today’s world it is rare to meet anyone as well-bred as Sebastian or his father, Pali,” he added.


According to the U.S. Government this organization was under direct orders of the Nazi regime. (link)

I mean folks, I don’t know what else I have to say at this point but what else do I have to prove? Is there even the slightest suggestion of doubt left?

Moreover, if the media was controlled by Jews why does the left wing media not expose the thread of the Catholic syndicate that has taken over the White House? All they talk about is the racial supremacy talk. And btw, we know exactly what they mean by white. What they mean is the Holy Roman Empire. No nationalist movement in the past centuries since the Treaty of Westphalia defines tribe as a Pan Europeanism. We know exactly what these men are doing. They are creating problems for America and Europe in order to drive all the white people together in order to justify a revival of the Holy Roman Empire and exterminate their traditional enemies, the Jews and the Protestants.

I mean, I am sick of typing this stuff out year after year ……………..

What has to happen before you people wake up? Does the president have to come on national TV and flat out tell you the Government was taken over by a Catholic coup d’é·tat before you people will face it?