The Biblical MGTOW Policy for Women

So let’s say you’re a modern woman who understands the utter apostate nature of the modern Church the moral bankruptcy of the modern white male that Feminists created, and the seething hatred and treachery of the modern white female. You claim to believe in Yeshua. You would say you believe the Bible. You can’t bring yourself to reject these things as your people have treasured them for so many centuries and you do as well. You’ve been raised to be an independent woman; you’ve put yourself in tens of thousands of dollars in debt to have a career as your parents required of you. Yet, you see the Scriptures and nature and all Social Science point you to being a homemaker in a traditional family? Yet being a homemaker is completely impossible given the above. What do you do?

On your left you see the Feminists selling their wares and you want nothing to do with them. Loneliness, lesbianism and an indefinite life of bitterness and sexual frustration just doesn’t spark your fancy.  You look on your right, and the White Fascist men hate you and by ad hoc reasoning demand you get back in the kitchen yet give you no solution to your College Debt, and expect you to submit to and live with a man who despises you and frankly you have no respect for.

Then you come across this wild eyed fanatic, the Southern Israelite and his Military Company. What is his solution to your problem?

Take heed:

  1. Understand the policy I have towards the men. See here. The men in my organization are going to expect any woman they covenant with to have her own place of living, her own income but be willing to have children and a long term commitment and relationship. This is necessary due to the nature of the Society we are living in. These are wartime measures.
  2. Thus, I expect you to have your own money and be capable of running your own life. We’ll do our part to provide for the children but you’re on your own except in cases of extreme emergency. So not only do we expect you to work, we expect you to be as ruthless as possible to become as wealthy as possible in order to fund this platform and to destroy the lives of the Communists, the Libertarians and the modern Christian liars you work with. We expect you to be a well-trained traitor! You will only be welcomed in our circles as you are fulfilling this task of funding the Southern Israelite’s platform and wreaking havoc on the Libertines in your own sphere of influence.
  3. This brings me to the next requirement: the bearing of children. We need you to be having kids. The modern system is set up to make that happen for you. You need to find a man of your own race who follows the Biblical MGTOW Philosophy or is willing to convert. In order to have plenty of children you are going to need to make sure the Maternity policies of your employer are sufficiently liberal and you may possibly want to obtain a profession that you can do at home while you are recovering from pregnancy. Making yourself as valuable as possible to your employer is key. If you’re making him money he will not mind that you’re spitting out all these kids.
  4. This brings me to the next problem: who is going to be raising the children? We will need good daycare and private schools that will raise the children properly. Again this is why we need to migrate together in a local area in East Tennessee where we can network together on these things. This is why you need to be making as much money as possible in order to fund these institutions. And these institutions are only temporary. We need them now given the present state of affairs. The children in these private schools we will erect are not going to be trained to follow the same path as previous generations. These children will be taught and prepared to establish traditional families. This way we are doing something about the present problems without destroying our own lives in the process.

Again, I have sacrificed my life so you don’t have to. Which again means I need funding. Patreon me.

Southern Israelite signing off.


2 thoughts on “The Biblical MGTOW Policy for Women”

  1. Very sobering. I figure these are the main things a man looks for from a woman:

    1.) Purity (Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) 2.) Natural affection ( a tender touch and encouraging word) Validation of his manhood 3.) Sex 4.) Offspring – well behaved children in the home (Dabney) 5.) Preservation of the tribe/race/country built on natural families/community (White Protestant English America)

    Notice, sex is not necessarily # 1 to a clear thinking – high quality a man, though it is high on the list with any man.

    On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 1:59 PM, Southern Israelite wrote:

    > Southern Israelite posted: “So let’s say you’re a modern woman who > understands the utter apostate nature of the modern Church the moral > bankruptcy of the modern white male that Feminists created, and the > seething hatred and treachery of the modern white female. You claim to > believe ” >


  2. If a woman feels attached to you, she is far more likely to be open and accept your beliefs. You have to discern what is in her mind. In order for a marriage to work, the woman must have the mindset of “I am that man’s property.” If you can ascertain this, you need not fear any government contract. The one thing government cannot control is people’s mindsets.


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