The Alt-right is a Deep-State Catholic PSYOP

In light of recent events in Charlottesville, Va and the inflamed American population regarding racial controversies in America and the rise of the Alt-right I now feel obliged to expose the organization I believe to be responsible for the Civil War erupting in the United States of America. I maintain that the Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church and its subservients in traditional Catholic Knighthoods have created both the Degenerate Social Justice movement and the Alt-right movement as backlashes against social problems created by the said Jesuits themselves in order to justify Martial Law and eliminate their religious and political enemies in the United States.

Archbishop John Ireland suggested in 1892 of using the Indians, the blacks and the public schools against their Protestant enemies to take over the United States.



The Jesuits are famous for their emphasis on social justice and racial liberation theology.


One can even see today that the dominant Liberation Theology taught in Liberal seminaries comes from Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Jesuit trained Domincan monk. His Jesuit instructor was a Frenchman named Henri de Lubac. Moreover, The Immigration Act of 1924 (The Johnson-Reed Act), was intended to preserve the British Protestant identity of our country.  The U.S. Dept. of State admits,

“As a result, the percentage of visas available to individuals from the British Isles and Western Europe increased, but newer immigration from other areas like Southern and Eastern Europe was limited.”

This was to limit Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people from coming here. But you guessed it, the 1965 Civil Rights Act abolished these protections.  Immigration Policy in the United States, February 2006, by the Congress of the United States states,

“During World War I, immigration levels were relatively low. However, when mass immigration resumed after the war, quantitative restrictions were introduced. The Congress established a new immigration policy: a national-origins quota system, enacted as part of the Quota Law in 1921 and revised in 1924…The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 abolished the national origins quota system”.

So who was behind the Civil Rights Movement in America? Jesuit John Lafarge Jr. the mentor of A. Philip Randolph and Catholic Priest Theodore Hesburgh, influential member of the United States Civil Rights Commission, working for the Genocide of the original Anglo and Celtic Protestant population.

Collaboration between the so called Conservatives in America with Nazi-Catholic Connections pursuant to martial law go back almost a hundred years.

Enter the Council for National Policy in 1981. Seminal Catholics and members of the Knights of Malta in this organization are as follows:

Paul Weyrich

J. Peter Grace




[pg. 28, Footnote 1]

Thomas A. Bolan

Frank Shakespeare (Roman Catholic, Jesuit trained, Ambassador to the Vatican)

What these men have done here, is through Operation Paperclip, import a foreign European paradigm, narrative and conflict, namely, the traditional Catholicism vs. Jewish Bolshevik-ism, to predominate over the already existing racial conflicts with the Natives and the Africans.   

And it need not be emphasized how effective they have been. At this moment they have gained supreme power in America. As already pointed out, Trump is Jesuit trained at Fordham, his family has close connections with Jesuit Georgetown Univ, but also his close advisers Catholic Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon, Catholic and Jesuit trained, are members of the Council for National Policy!




Enter Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute:

The National Policy Institute,

…is an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of  people of European descent in the United States, and around the world. It was founded in 2005 by William Regnery[II] and Samuel T. Francis, in conjunction with Louis R. Andrews.

William Regnery II’s grandfather created a publishing house with serious Deep State and Nazi collaboration:regnery1pg161


Regnery also created the Pro-Catholic Charles Martel Society. The chief publication of this society is The Occidental Quarterly, with chief editor Kevin B. MacDonald, raised Roman Catholic. (link, pg. 780)

Samuel T. Francis was protege to famous Jesuit trained Catholic Pat Buchanan. As for Andrews, his Jesuitical techniques were on display as he admitted he voted for Obama specifically to hurt the current conservative movement:

“Andrews said he voted for Obama because “I want to see the Republican Party destroyed, so it can be reborn as a party representing the interests of white people, and not entrenched corporate elites.”

This is exactly  how I view the past century of Catholic intrigue in this country.  These men are shrewd atheists who do not believe that truth shall set us free. They don’t believe in truth. They are nihilists who view the Catholic religion as a way to keep their country under their control. So what do they do? They help liberals and atheists and Jews to come into power so that the liberals will destroy the country and provide the Catholics an opportunity to blame the Protestants for the problems in the country.

And now to Richard Spencer.

Spencer tells us that America was originally Anglo-Protestant but after the Civil War adopted a Pan European Policy.  What he doesn’t tell us is that the Anglo Protestants rejected this move and protested the immigration of Irish and Italian Catholics and solidified this rejection of Pan Europeanism in the Johnson–Reed Act of 1924. Spencer’s and the Alt-Right’s pan Europeanism is nothing but a racial leverage point to reintroduce the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church.

Ramzpaul lies about the Reformation, says nothing about Calvinists and the Solemn League and Covenant, and blames all modern liberalism on the Protestant Reformation:

Luther was not against authoritarian church offices and the puritans were not against the monarchy. They were against the Stuarts. The Solemn League and Covenant preserved the monarchy. And finally, Millennial Woes comes flat out with his Nihilism, support of the Catholic Church and his hatred of the Protestant Reformation.

Here Millennial Woes flatly admits he is an atheist who supports the Church of Rome, just like the vast majority of Roman Catholic men. Then he tells us he has even studied this out so detailed that he even sides with the Catholic Economic theory of Distributism. He is a full blown convert to Rome!

And what makes me the most disgusted with these men is their nihilism. Isn’t it interesting that the Catholic Church is the first refuge for a despairing nihilistic white male? Why do you have to be such a coward? Why not own your own ideas? Why do you have to pretend to follow a religion you don’t believe in knowing your own ideas have been a complete and utter failure? What a miserable wretch you must be.

Jesus taught us:

John 8: 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

These men don’t believe there is any such thing as truth. And that is why they have to play these games. The Biblical Protestant position is that the truth can be found through a thorough study of scripture. And we have found the truth. The Earth is Flat. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this Alt-right movement isn’t designed to try and curb the massive awakening that is going on in the millions right now.    The truth is working but these butt hurt white nihilist atheists want us to return to praying to statues and cutting our penises off?

No thanks!

I maintain that we ignore the Alt-right but support this platform in reinstating the Solemn League and Covenant, reinstate a Constitutional Monarchy and repair the British Protestant Calvinistic and Colonial Empire.

Southern Israelite Signing Off




2 thoughts on “The Alt-right is a Deep-State Catholic PSYOP”

  1. Those guys won’t even talk about the laws of Moses. They don’t do anything beneficial for Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They don’t tell people to work 6 days a week performing their duty (to starve the current system). They are deceived, or they are agents.


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