The Globalist-Jesuit technocrat Agenda and my Game-plan to fight it

The Globalist Agenda(Which utilizes both Capitalism and Communism[link]) is summarized in H.G. Wells’ Open Conspiracy: 

  1. Traditional Religion must die.
  2. Traditional organic community and Family must die.
  3. All Governments are provisional. To be replaced with technocracy after Capitalism has built global infrastructure.
  4. Control Population.
  5. Nationalism must die. War should not even include patriotism.
  6. Local ownership will be annexed to a world directory.
  7. After the fall of modern civilization, population will be told that Liberty failed and humanity needs an expert managerial class, i.e. Technocracy.
  8. The Collective human race is God, we must commit to its immortality.
  9. Promote pacifism among the population.
  10. Technocracy will end all war. Resources will be ubiquitous and apportioned.(UBI) No need for war over resources or a market.
  11. Robots do most work.
  12. You will have a duty not a career choice.
  13. Through UBI, Porn, ubiquitous entertainment and drugs and robot workers, population can be pacified and sedated to never revolt.
  14. Price of citizenship: vaccines, sterilization.
  15. WHO – already in place
  16. There will be a mass awakening to this, but it will fail. I think because they will show how Christianity is consistent with Transhumanism.

Thus, my Game-plan to fight the growing Jesuit technocracy:

Our Gameplan: Globalist power  

Globalist Weakness

1. Attack Christianity

a.       Coming celibacy proves Huxley was wrong and the future Technocracy is Jesuit Christian.

b.       This will establish the Nationalist Aristotelian State without explicitly advocating for Fascism)

c.        Will establish aggressive men.

d.       Will end entertainment technology.

e.       Will end the pacifistic idea of one human family.

f.        Will end the Libertarian idea of Natural Law.

Christianity-Neoplatonism Family must die – women turning from feminism. Women are too impulsive to meet the self control required to live without sex.

All National heritage must die. (Good luck)

Celibacy(Good luck)

2. Go after metaphysics.

a.     The monad

b.     The soul

c.     The upper world

(Men, A.J. Ayer, Rudolph Carnap)

Metaphysics Globe fantasy failed and got wrecked!(link)
3. Go after Libertarianism/Capitalism.

a.      NAP is pacifism and universal human brotherhood.

b.     Go after Natural Law which is based on Platonic metaphysics and Antinomianism.

c. Libertarianism assumes man is good, rational and disciplined to carry the responsibilities of sovereignty.

d. Subjective value is Nihilism.

e. Family is the archetype of authority.

f. Life is gang war. Not a war between individuals.



Anarchy (Best way to deconstruct older threatening orders) – Governments are provisional use until infrastructure is built and Governments destroyed, then removed as obsolete cannon fodder.

Marxism and Global Capitalism have the same goal.

Anarchic Insect Model has been established already to a great degree. (Darwin, Next Million Years, pg. 124-125)

Marxists will never stop attacking Capitalism and Imperialism because of the race issue relating to colonialism. Their view of race is the biggest obstacle to ubiquitous infrastructure.
4. Do not go to college. Get my Novum Curriculum and learn a trade where you can use your hands to work and learn to live on the land and building houses underground. (Mike Oehler) Their control of schools and media.

Robots do all work in technocracy.

The Technocracy has fragmented the minds of the people to such a degree the developing a future philosophical power block or Orthodoxy would be extremely difficult.
5. No more entertainment technology: video games, porn and drugs.  Our Addiction to Technology Technology is biologically harmful to humans. There is no long- term stability in this system.
6. Go after the NEET introvert Psychobabble used to justify virtual reality NIHILISM. Focus on the biblical doctrine of man’s dominion. Human laziness, fear and weakness.

Robots do most of the work in technocracy.

People will be lazy worthless scumbags. They will hate each other and thus there is no long term stability in the tech system.
7. Go after the Germ Theory. Germ theory Health epidemic caused by Germ theory. It is not stable long term.
8. Go after Darwinism – Focus on Darwin’s emphasis on race in his Origin of Species. Darwinism Modern race equality movements necessary for the fall of Nation States contradict the Darwinian foundation of modern Biology and medicine.
9. Expose the Jesuits/Joachim especially to traditional Catholics. The Communist movements founded on Joachim that are in great energy still alive today.


Christianity’s Antinomian heresy

The power of the Jesuit Papacy

The failure of Christianity is the modern world.

Threat of traditional Catholic backlash.

My refutation of Christianity

10. Know private law(private consultation) Legalese Technocracy is based on private law. The smart city is a choice. They cannot compel. (Huxley, Berkley lectures)

If you can’t do work on the land do your profession, fund us with money and loyal contributors will be received into the community upon the collapse.

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