Are Children Property of Their Parents?

When discussing the issue of slavery with a modern American, the first issue that should be dealt with is the issue of human property. How can being a slave master be wrong but being a parent ok? Both involve owning another human being as property. Or do we take the Communist position and say children belong to the State? You think it’s crazy that people today still think slavery is ok? Hey..I think it’s crazy people still think Communism is ok. The death toll of slavery doesn’t even come close to the Communist massacres.

Immediately, the ignorant know nothing modern liberal or libertarian is going to virtue signal and demand,

“they aren’t property at all; why do children have to be someone’s property?!”

So who has dominion over them, the parents or the state? Or do you maintain that children are sovereigns with rights to drive, to own a gun or to vote?

Well no, the Parents have authority over the children of course. 

Well, you know-nothing mental disease; you human tumor; you toad eating fawner, the word property means dominion or authority over something else.





So let’s start over,

How can being a slave master be wrong but being a parent ok?

Wait………….where are you going?