Jeremiah Crowley predicts the Roman agenda to incite Japan to attack the United States

He says in The Pope Chief of White Slavers and High Priest of Intrigue (The Menace
Publishing Company: Aurora, MO, 1913),

“Americans who bow not before the idols of
popery may well ask — Are our Presidents and
Vice-Presidents, our Cabinet officers and the
Judges of the Supreme Court, our Senators and
Representatives placed in office to play part so
subservient and so dastardly servile to Rome’s
foulest purposes? Rome is now egging on Japan
to annex Mexico, seize on the Philippines, on
Hawaii and Alaska, to wipe off the United States
of America from the map of the world’s great
powers. While our Presidents are attending mass
the Jap and other foreign emissaries in America
are busy stealing plans from the Navy
Department and studying every weak spot in our
National armor, to report thereon promptly and
fully to hostile governments. Rome, hating a
free, popular government like that of America, is
ready to coalesce with Jap or any other agency
— pagan, atheistical, or professedly Christian —
to destroy our Nation. (pg. 117-118)…

What next? Will President Wilson continue the
practice of his predecessors and consult
Gibbons, Farley, and O’Connell [Roman
Catholic Bishops-DS], Rome’s red princes in
America, as to army and navy appointments?
Will America’s army, papalized and foreignized,
be so weakened and emasculated by Romanistic
control as to make it easy prey for perfidious
Jap? The soldiers of Spain were once justly
reckoned brave and almost unconquerable.
Romish control for centuries has reduced Spain
to the level of a fourth or fifth-rate power. The
control, the influence of Romanism, nay, its very
contact, is deadly to every independent endeavor
and to every achievement of bravery.” (pg. 268)


The United States to Serve the Papacy’s Mission to Overthrow Its Enemies With Democracy

Below is attached a scanned image of the Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, 1903, where Archbishop Quigley bragged about the power of the Roman Catholic Church. Quigley stated,

“Within twenty years this country is going to rule the world. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will take their place…When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world…Nothing can stand against the Church. I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago. His reign would be short indeed.”


This is exactly what the United States and its CIA has been doing for decades. They have been overthrowing governments all over the world and replacing them with “democracies” administered by puppet rulers. Ron Paul exposed some of this in his speeches concerning Blowback.


Catholic Index of Forbidden Books

Index of Forbidden Books. Rule #4 and #10 is of special significance,

“Rule 4. General Rule. Translations of a forbidden book into any language are
also forbidden, if they faithfully reproduce the original.

i. The General Decrees Prohibit the Following

Rule 10. The following classes of publications require the approbation of the bishop of the place where the work is to be published, or of some higher authority, which is to be printed in the beginning or at the end of the work and must be renewed for every new edition.

a. Books on theology, Church history, canon law, natural theology and ethics, and all editions of the Bible or parts of it in any language.”

The Catholic Church Admits It Has Taken Control of America

The First American Catholic Missionary Congress (1909) edited by Bp. Francis Clement Kelley, pg. 17, 

“And now this centenary year of great
flourishing bishoprics; this year of stately
pageants and imposing manifestations of
vigorous Catholic life and activity; this year of
our transition from the status of
a missionary country under the supervision of
the sacred Congregation of Propaganda, to all
the rights, privileges, advantages and duties of a
Catholic country immediately under the care
and solicitude of the Holy See, this year is still
further signalized and made forever memorable
by a movement of minds and hearts which has
culminated in this magnificently representative
gathering of prelates, priests and people.”


The History of Jesuit Suppression

Hector Macpherson, The Jesuits in History, pg. 148,

“So hurtful was the Jesuit Order found to be that, up to 1860, it was expelled no fewer than seventy times from countries which has suffered from its machinations.”

Edmond Paris, The Secret History of the Jesuits, pgs. 74-75,

“The only countries where the Jesuits lived in peace were the States where Protestantism was in the majority: England, Sweden, Denmark, the United States of America. It may seem surprising at first glance, but the explanation lies in the fact that, in these countries, the Fathers were never able to exercise a polticial influence. Without any doubt, they accepted the fact more by necessity than inclination. Otherwise, they would have taken every opportunity to influence legislation and administration, in a direct manner by manoeuvering the ruling classes, or indirectly by constantly stirring up the Catholic masses”.

Eric Phelps, Vatican Assassins III,  pg. 729,

“Jesuit Thomas J. Campbell, President of the Order’s Fordham University from 1885 to 1888 and again from 1896 to 1900, notes in his highly detailed history, The Jesuits, 1534 to 1921, that, between 1555 and 1921, the Order was expelled at least eighty-three times from countries, states and cities for engaging in political intrigue, subversive plots and treason against the state! By 1900, nearly all of Europe, Asia and South America had had enough of the Jesuit Order. Pope Clement XIV had suppressed the Company with a decree, first prepared as a Brief but then promulgated as Bull, in 1773; England had expelled it in 1579, 1581, 1586, 1602 and 1604;

Venice in 1606, 1612 and 1768; Denmark in 1606; Japan in 1587 and finally in 1614 (beginning the Edo Era, having executed 111 Jesuits by 1651; re-admitted in 1913); China in 1623 “for leading the ignorant people towards rebellion,” 1716, 1753, 1775 and 1783; India in  1623; Holland in 1596 and 1816; Malta in 1634 and 1768; Belgium in 1818 and 1826; Russia in 1723 (for which the Order poisoned Tzar Peter the Great), 1776 and “forever” in 1820; Spain in 1767, 1820, 1835, 1854, 1868 and 1932; Britain and Ireland in 1829, Portugal in 1598, 1759, 1834 and 1910; Switzerland in 1847; Bavaria in 1848; Italy in 1848 and 1873; Austria in 1769, 1770, 1772 and 1848; Paraguay in 1733 and 1852; Germany in 1872; France in 1594, 1606, 1764, 1804, 1806, 1831, 1845, 1880 and 1901; Guatemala in 1872; Mexico in 1859; Brazil in 1874; Argentina in 1841; Ecuador in 1875; Colombia in 1850 and 1875; Rome in 1872; Costa Rica in 1884; and Cuba and the Philippines in 1898 (resulting in the Order’s Spanish-American War).”



Vatican II Was Jesuit Controlled Not Jewish

Vatican II was Jesuit not Jewish. The Politics of Heresy: The Modernist Crisis in Roman Catholicism by Lester R. Kurtz states on page 182,

“Teilhard de Chardin [Jesuit] may be the one demonstrably explicit link  between the modernists and developments at Vatican II, in that he was a close colleague and friend of Edouard Leroy.”