Diamond Cosmology – Just as I Predicted

Folks, just as I predicted, when people do their cosmology unassisted and unguided by Biblical Revelation the possible models of our world are infinite and no one can ever know where we live. Such is the case with the Flat Earth Conspiracy folks who have, yes just as I predicted years ago, developed a diamond cosmology



Methinks, we have enough evidence from Southern Hemisphere Voyages, the admission of N.D. Tyson that the Earth is a pear, etc. to lay claim that our Scientific understanding of the Southern Hemisphere(plane) is severely lacking and arguments made from the maps of the Southern Hemisphere are unfounded and speculative. Why do people fear these three words: “I don’t know”? Just admit it. We don’t know.

The Flat Earth History of Science, Chap. 2, The History, Origin, Introduction and Tutorial of Ancient Astrology

After the Flood of Noah, the Ancient apostates of the Tower of Babel created one of their premier masterpieces that has gripped the world to this very day. Having rejected Noah and his prophetic familial tradition and lapsing into Pantheism and then anthropomorphism, Polytheism and ancestor worship, the ancient apostates created Astrology through which to tell their Pantheist tale of a Great triplicated Father who appears at the beginning of every new age after the great flood.  He and his emanations are identified with the Sun.


This great Father survives the great flood at every new cycle of death and rebirth by floating on his famous ark; his life raft shaped and identified with the moon. The great mother, the great cow, the crib in which the next generation is brought into the world, crescent in shape just like the great celestial body of the night.


Thus, the ancient apostates recognized 8 celestial bodies, just as there had been 8 persons aboard the Ark.


And thus, the Egyptians recognized originally their eight primordial deities, the Ogdoad.[1]


Thus, the ancient hero-demon gods and their famous progeny in the Tower of Babel were translated to the Stars where even now they oversee the affairs of men.[2]

There have been many that have tried to establish the validity of Astrology with the Bible. I must confess that I myself have entertained such notions.  Though through the years I have disabused myself of them.

1. The apocalyptic language in Bible prophecy of the Sun going dark and the moon turning to blood, and stars falling from the heavens, I have learned to be apocalyptic imagery for the fall of governments and political powers.


2. The account in Matthew 2 of the Magi, who were probably Astrologers, locating Messiah by a star, is ambiguous and lacking in detail or significance.   E. Walter Maunder’ The Astronomy Of The Bible(Chap. 3) actually talked me down from this passage.


I would add though that Psalm 19:1-4, does indeed point us to the Heavens and the Firmament as a significant proof for the existence and nature of the Creator. That is, it points us to the Flat Earth Cosmology.

Now, the ancient Chaldean Astrology used 18 constellations but in this treatment of the subject I will confine myself to the Western 12 constellations.

These are the names and the Symbols of the Celestial Bodies as used in Astrology:


And these are the names and symbols of the Constellations:


In the Zodiac every sign in longitude contains 30 degrees. Every degree is 60 minutes. 12 times 30 is 360 degrees. For example, the second degree of Taurus is the 32 degree of the zodiac as a whole; and all throughout until the 360 degree mark at the end of Pisces.


This program is called stellarium.


It is an excellent tool to understand astronomy and astrology.  And I will be using it to explain the ancient Astrology.

The basic concept of the Zodiac is you have fixed stars that do not move in their positions. Here we see we can cycle through the days quickly and you’ll notice that these constellations do not change their positions relative to the observer.

And thus we can plot their exact locations even during the day in order to plot a Zodiac in preparation for which constellation the sun is in at noon everyday to determine what Constellation of the Zodiac we are in.

First, since we know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west we want to face southeast in order to see the sun’s position at noon at the beginning of the year since that is where the sun is at at the beginning of the year in the constellation Aries. I start in spring because that is how the Bible and the ancients viewed the new year seeing the Earth is made new in the Spring as opposed to the unnatural, lunatic and Jesuit Heliocentric Cosmology which has the New Year in the beginning of Winter and Death.

It is also the first Constellation after the Sun crosses the equator in his movement back North during the Spring Equinox. When the Sun crosses back over the Equator in his declination South we have the Fall Equinox. The Signs above the Equator are the Northern Signs. The Signs below the Equator are the Southern Signs.



Thus, Gleason describes the Solstices



Interesting that now the most Northerly constellation is Gemini and the most Southern is Sagittarius. This is due to the anomalies Yahovah created when he stopped the Sun in Joshua 10 and Isaiah 38.

Now I’m going to activate the equatorial grid, the constellation art and the date and time functions so the viewer can see how we determine the motion of the sun through the zodiac.

The Equatorial Grid is a coordinate system operating off of the Geocentric Earth and the Celestial Sphere. The Grid is grounded on Polaris the North Celestial Pole at 90 degrees descending to the Equator at 0 degrees latitude descending negatively to -90 degree at the so called South Celestial Pole.



And just as the Zodiac divided the Celestial Sphere in 12 sections of 30 degrees, the Equatorial Grid divides the Celestial Sphere into 24 hours. Thus, in the Equatorial Grid the signs get 2 hours a piece instead of 30 degrees.  grid3hours

Now, I’m going to set the time for 12 noon and set the date at March 29 which was the first day of the new year this year as the sun is moving out of Pisces and into Aries, then Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and back to Aries.


Astronomers and Astrologers regularly publish Almanacs and the Ephemeris giving detailed coordinates for the celestial bodies.


Finally, we have the mysterious Dragon’s Head and Tail, also known in Hindu Astrology and Rahu and Ketu. We now know these to be dark celestial bodies:

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[2] Faber, Origin of Pagan Idolatry, Vol. 1, pg. 31-39: