Who is Sebastian Gorka and Why is the Left Hiding the Catholic Syndicate?

All over left wing media, the focus on the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist aspect of the Alt-right is top priority. As I have shown the connecting thread throughout this movement is the Crimson and Black of the unholy Roman Religion. And yet again we are faced with this man Sebastian Gorka, a favorite target of the left:

Gorka is of Hungarian stock. He was raised Roman Catholic at St Benedict’s, a Roman Catholic school and Jesuit trained at Heythrop College (link) University of London. He has also served as Professor of US National Security for Jesuit Georgetown University.





He is currently deputy assistant to President Trump. At this point I’m seriously beating a dead horse here folks with the mountain of evidence that I have given concerning the Jesuit Roman Catholic takeover of this country. But just for fun, let’s also delve into his family, primarily his father:

“Paul v. Gorka was born in 1930 and witnessed the Red Army’s siege of Budapest during the Second World War.  After 1948, as a student of architecture, he organised the Catholic Resistance Movement, eventually in conjunction with the British Intelligence Services.  He was arrested, tortured, given a life sentence, and imprisoned from 1950 to 1956.  He was freed during the Hungarian and after opposing the Soviet invasion he escaped to the West.  He received the Order of Knighthood of Vitez for his bravery during the Resistance.”


Sebastian Gorka has picked up right where his Father left off:

“Gorka, who pledged his loyalty to the United States when he took American citizenship in 2012, is himself a sworn member of the Vitézi Rend, according to both Gyula Soltész — a high-ranking member of the Vitézi Rend’s central apparatus — and Kornél Pintér — a leader of the Vitézi Rend in Western Hungary who befriended Gorka’s father through their activities in the Vitézi Rend.

Soltész, who holds a national-level leadership position at the Vitézi Rend, confirmed to the Forward in a phone conversation that Gorka is a full member of the organization.

“Of course he was sworn in,” Pintér said, in a phone interview. “I met with him in Sopron [a city near Hungary’s border with Austria]. His father introduced him.”

“In today’s world it is rare to meet anyone as well-bred as Sebastian or his father, Pali,” he added.


According to the U.S. Government this organization was under direct orders of the Nazi regime. (link)

I mean folks, I don’t know what else I have to say at this point but what else do I have to prove? Is there even the slightest suggestion of doubt left?

Moreover, if the media was controlled by Jews why does the left wing media not expose the thread of the Catholic syndicate that has taken over the White House? All they talk about is the racial supremacy talk. And btw, we know exactly what they mean by white. What they mean is the Holy Roman Empire. No nationalist movement in the past centuries since the Treaty of Westphalia defines tribe as a Pan Europeanism. We know exactly what these men are doing. They are creating problems for America and Europe in order to drive all the white people together in order to justify a revival of the Holy Roman Empire and exterminate their traditional enemies, the Jews and the Protestants.

I mean, I am sick of typing this stuff out year after year ……………..

What has to happen before you people wake up? Does the president have to come on national TV and flat out tell you the Government was taken over by a Catholic coup d’é·tat before you people will face it?



The Ancient Anglo Saxon Policy Towards the Jews and their Usury


Magna Carta,

“10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan can be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

11. And if any one die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.”

An Historical and Political Discourse of the Laws and Government of England by John Selden,

“The whole doctrine of ufury fell under the Title of Jews; for it feemeth it was their Trade, and their proper Trade hitherto. It was, firft that I met met with, forbidden at a Legatine Council near 300 years before the Normans times : but by the Confeffors Law it was made penal to Chriftians to the forfeiture of Eftate, and Banifhment : and therefore the Jews and all their fubftance were holden to be in nature of the King’s Villains, as touching their Eftate for they could get nothing, but was at his mercy. And Kings did fuffer them to continue this Trade for their own benefit; yet they did regulate it as touching Infants, as by this Law of King John, and the Statute at Merton, doth appear. But Henry the Third did not put it into his Charter, as I think, becaufe it was no liberty of the Subjects, but rather a prejudice thereto ; and therefore Edward the Firft wholly took it away by Statute made in his time, and thereby abolifhed the Jews.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statute_of_the_Jewry

(pg. 170-171)

Thus, Edward I proclaimed:

“Forasmuch as the King hath seen that divers evils and the disinheriting of good men of his land have happened by the usuries which the Jews have made in time past, and that divers sins have followed thereupon albeit that he and his ancestors have received much benefit from the Jewish people in all times past, neverthless, for the honour of God and the common benefit of the people the King hath ordained and established, that from henceforth no Jew shall lend anything at usury either upon land, or upon rent or upon other thing.

And that no usuries shall run in time coming from the feast of St. Edward last past. Notwithstanding the covenants before made shall be observed, saving that the usuries shall cease. But all those who owe debts to Jews upon pledge of moveables shall acquit them between this and Easter; if not they shall be forfeited. And if any Jew shall lend at usury contrary to this Ordinance, the King will not lend his aid, neither by himself or his officers for the recovering of his loan; but will punish him at his discretion for the offence and will do justice to the Christian that he may obtain his pledges again.”


This would later lead to The Edict of Expulsion in 1290 where the Jews were completely routed from England. It was Oliver Cromwell, a man hated by the Patriot Covenanters, who brought Jews back to England.

I find it disgusting that Jewish apologists will complain that usury was the only way for Jews to make a living and that they were forced into this occupation. However, we must also not forget that this usury was allowed, as it is allowed today, for the financial benefit of the treasonous Kings of the past who cared not for their own people but themselves, as it is done today.

Finally, I am honestly driven to sympathy to the Neo-Nazi position on Eric Phelps after continuing to document his allegiance to something so hostile to our people and the heroes he proclaims, such as Cromwell, who betrayed our tradition.

Older Men Marrying Younger Women: Semetic Woman Hatred?

It is a common complaint among the Nazi feminist Women of today that White Men Wanting to Marry Younger Women  is a result of Semitic woman hatred.  Quite the contrary. The famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle states in Book Seven, Part XVI of his Politics:

“Since the legislator should begin by considering how the frames of the children whom he is rearing may be as good as possible, his first care will be about marriage- at what age should his citizens marry, and who are fit to marry? In legislating on this subject he ought to consider the persons and the length of their life, that their procreative life may terminate at the same period, and that they may not differ in their bodily powers, as will be the case if the man is still able to beget children while the woman is unable to bear them, or the woman able to bear while the man is unable to beget, for from these causes arise quarrels and differences between married persons. Secondly, he must consider the time at which the children will succeed to their parents; there ought not to be too great an interval of age, for then the parents will be too old to derive any pleasure from their affection, or to be of any use to them. Nor ought they to be too nearly of an age; to youthful marriages there are many objections- the children will be wanting in respect to the parents, who will seem to be their contemporaries, and disputes will arise in the management of the household. Thirdly, and this is the point from which we digressed, the legislator must mold to his will the frames of newly-born children. Almost all these objects may be secured by attention to one point. Since the time of generation is commonly limited within the age of seventy years in the case of a man, and of fifty in the case of a woman, the commencement of the union should conform to these periods. The union of male and female when too young is bad for the procreation of children; in all other animals the offspring of the young are small and in-developed, and with a tendencyto produce female children, and therefore also in man, as is proved by the fact that in those cities in which men and women are accustomed to marry young, the people are small and weak; in childbirth also younger women suffer more, and more of them die; some persons say that this was the meaning of the response once given to the Troezenians- the oracle really meant that many died because they married too young; it had nothing to do with the ingathering of the harvest. It also conduces to temperance not to marry too soon; for women who marry early are apt to be wanton; and in men too the bodily frame is stunted if they marry while the seed is growing (for there is a time when the growth of the seed, also, ceases, or continues to but a slight extent). Women should marry when they are about eighteen years of age, and men at seven and thirty; then they are in the prime of life, and the decline in the powers of both will coincide. Further, the children, if their birth takes place soon, as may reasonably be expected, will succeed in the beginning of their prime, when the fathers are already in the decline of life, and have nearly reached their term of three-score years and ten.”


King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxon Tradition Founded on Jewish Law


“Laftly, it was a regular frame in every part, fquared ; and made even by Laws,   which in the people ruled as Lex loquens, and in the Magiftrate as Lex intelligens ; all of them being grounded on the wifdom of the Greeks, and Judicials of Mofes. Thus the Saxons became fomewhat like the Jews, diftinct from all other people – their Laws honourable for the King, eafy for the Subject, and their Government,  above all other, likeft unto that of Chrift’s Kingdom, whofe Toke is eafy, and Burthen light. But their motion proved fo irregular, as God was pleafed to reduce them by another way.” (pg. 70)

An Historical and Political Discourse of the Laws and Government of England by John Selden


Ancient laws and Institutes of England edited by Benjamin Thorpe, pg. 45

Who Controls the Federal Reserve Bank in 2017?

After the last video Who Controls the Government in 2017 the modern Neo-Nazi will become butt hurt, double down, and go for his trump card, The Federal Reserve Bank. So who controls the Fed in 2017?

Immediately, the Neo-Nazi will shout with glee, oh it’s the Jews. Look, look, Janet Yellen, she’s a Jew! Look, Stanley Fischer, he’s a Jew and he’s even a dual citizen with Israel. Look, see they have the supreme positions as Chair and Vice chair of the Fed! We win!!!! Ahahaahaha! Virtue!

Hold it right chea!

So if that is true, why don’t they get paid the most? For a while, we of the Protestant tradition have maintained that Janet Yellen and other Jews have been placed in the front of the Fed to make it look like the Jews are to blame for all our problems which has been the traditional technique of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits for a long time. (See the Dreyfus affair) And for a while Neo-Nazis and their servants have scoffed and dismissed this interpretation as being unsubstantiated…. until now. And now, daddy is taking you to the woodshed.

Here we have the Reuters article At least 113 staffers at U.S. Fed earn more than Yellen.


“As of July 31, the Fed’s inspector general led the list with an annual salary of $312,000”


Who is the Fed’s Inspector General? This is Gentile Elizabeth Coleman, as we can see from the Fed’s own biography her, she was trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University!


“followed by the central bank’s four division directors, its general counsel and its chief operating officer, who each earn a base of $265,000.”


Thus, Governor of the Fed Jerome H. Powell trained by Jesuits at Georgetown Prep. and Georgetown Univ. Daniel Tarullo governor of Fed, also trained by Jesuits at Georgetown Univ. and teaches there; Now to the general counsel, Scott G. Alvarez, we see was also Jesuit trained at Georgetown Univ.


Moreover, Janet Yellen’s husband is George Akerlof University Professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy at, you guessed it, Jesuit Georgetown University. Thus, our interpretation is now fully established.

Moreover, to further supplant  the Jewish Influence in the Chair we need to look at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and see who runs it since the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the most powerful. We read from the New York Fed’s webpage on the Gold Vault:

“Much of the gold in the vault arrived during and after World War II as many countries wanted to store their gold reserves in a safe location. Holdings in the gold vault continued to increase and peaked in 1973, shortly after the United States suspended convertibility of dollars into gold for foreign governments. At its peak, the vault contained over 12,000 tons of monetary gold. Since that time, gold deposit and withdrawal activity has slowed and the vault has experienced a gradual but steady decline in overall holdings. However, the vault today remains the world’s largest known depository of monetary gold.”


And again from its webpage, The New York Fed: Who We Are and What We Do:

“The New York Fed serves the Second Federal Reserve District, which encompasses New York State; the 12 northern counties of New Jersey; Fairfield County, Connecticut., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Though it serves a geographically small area compared with those of most other Federal Reserve Banks, the New York Fed is the largest Reserve Bank in terms of assets and volume of activity.”


So who runs the Fed in New York?

The not Jewish, Anglo Saxon William C. Dudley runs the Fed in New York.


And before him another Germanic Saxon Timothy Geithner.

And before him an Irishman named William J. McDonough, Jesuit trained at Holy Cross and Georgetown University.

And before him an Irishman E. Gerald Corrigan Jesuit trained at both Fairfield and Fordham.

So now that daddy has thoroughly disciplined you boys it’s time to bow the knee to the Southern Israelite and swear your allegiance. I’ve earned it and I have the blood right. My 12th Great Grandfather was James Shelton, Magistrate of the Jamestown Settlement, 1620. I’ve written the books, I’m the one who laid my entire life down, every relationship and career to make this happen and I have the blood. So shut your mouth and bow your God Damn knee. And after that, hit the patreon link. Bye bye.

Is Sonia Sotomayor a Jew?

A commenter on my recent YouTube video argued that the Supreme Court is controlled by Jews because I failed to mention that Sonia Sotomayor is a Jew. Is she?

He argues that Baez, the name of Sotomayor’s mother is a Sephardic Jewish surname. Evidence? None.

The evidence is that Baez is German and Spanish.

https://www.houseofnames.com/baez-family-crest http://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=baez

and the only instance of the name Sotomayor is in Cuba.


And the fact they admit she is Roman Catholic would completely destroy any implications they are trying to draw from some similarities in her names with Sephardi people.

The Jerusalem Post‘s article about her ties to Israel specifically states she is hispanic and not Jewish and THAT is why she is significant.


Her nose has no bulge at the eye level or below. It is perfectly straight line down.



Alfred Kinsey “No Freudian”


The Jewish conspiracy theorists tell us that we cannot refer to Kinsey as the one to blame for the Sexual Revolution because he was lead by the Jew Freud. Was Kinsey a Freudian?

Hugh Hefner pointed out:

“Freud did not believe that homosexuals were necessarily neurotic; in a letter to a mother of a homosexual, who had asked him for help, he wrote, “Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of — no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness.” Neither did Kinsey, who was certainly no Freudian; he concluded that homosexual conduct was simply too widespread, in our own society and others, to be considered a sickness. ”